Amazon Intensifies ‘Fire’ OS Development With Live App Testing

Fire Phone developers can now rejoice as Amazon Fire phone testing has just become easier with the introduction of a new service called Live App Testing. This new service would offer Fire Phone developers the right kind of testing environment to take on competition from other smartphone developers in the market. Developers can now distribute apps on the Amazon Appstore to a limited number of users who own a Kindle Fire, Fire Phone or a Fire TV.

Amazon seems to be following the path of Google and Android who also allow developers to test their apps before launch.

Amazon Fire App: Test To Perfect!

Under this service, an app developer would be able to invite a selected group of testers and email them a few instructions relating to the app. The testers aren’t charged for downloading, and neither sought for payments towards exploring the in-app items. The individuals (read, volunteers) would test the apps extensively and find out any bugs or other issues related to the app, if available. The developers would be able to connect quality feedback from the testers. The feedback would allow inducing improvements regarding the quality and stability of the apps.

And yes, there are also chances of introducing new features based on the suggestions received from the peers and volunteers – before the apps head to the mad release.

This Live App Testing service along with the Fire Phone SDK would go a long way in placing this new OS in direct competition with market leaders Android and iOS. The SDK includes API Simulator that allows developers to test their apps without having to test it on a device. This testing environment allows app developers to test all the basic features of the app including side panels and app widgets.

Testing is a fair, democratic process they say –and Google has been a forerunner in bolstering the belief. Amazon’s decision to introduce volunteers in the testing process adds voice to that belief.


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