Apple’s Good News To Beta Testers

Closing in on to the release of iPhone 6, Apple has already given its fans an inkling of how important the next big thing will be. The TestFlight beta testing app is a consumer targeted app that has been made available online along with iOS8. This beta service is an interface that will let developers control public app beta programs. Not only can they create programs, but they can also now simply use their email addresses to add beta testers and manage beta programs as well. There’s another plus side to it. With the help of this service, beta testers can make upgrades right there whenever new app versions are out. And the best part is, the TestFlight beta service is available for free as a 2.4 MB downloadable file from the App Store. It sounds like a lot of iPhone game testing are on the cards given the fact that fans love them.

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By the looks of it, there’s something for everyone from Apple. If reports are to be believed it is getting ready to seed the beta version of iOS 8.0.1, which is an update to iOS 8, to its carrier partners. Offering a beta version of an update to something that isn’t even out yet, that sounds like a big move. But surely Apple wants to take no chance with any network compatibility issues, which explains the beta builds. The quality analysis will be a significant part of the testing process too. With the news of the operating system update, there will surely be a lot of iOS game QA in the coming days. Apps and games have been a major crowd puller for Apple, and it knows it very well. Apple is known for its sweeping and sudden announcements, and this is surely one of them.


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