The General Scenario

Software and programme testers are an invaluable part of the development business. Ask any developer with a decent amount of exposure in the market, and they’ll tell you. Revenue generation of a product depends on how well users receive it and user feedback depends on how well the product runs. So, do game developers also stand to gain from testers just as any programme developer? The answer, I believe, is a resounding yes. The primary duties of a tester include identifying defects, documenting and reporting them, supporting developers, sharing test results/information with owners, verifying fixes and fulfilling mandatory test requirements. Each of these duties is vital enough to provide value to the developer.

What Makes Testers So Important?

Firms offering game testing services know very well that players are adamant to please. They seek uninterrupted playtime with good design minus any glitches to consider it of quality. So it falls on the developers to make sure that they provide just that, which ultimately rests on the testers to bring in the quality bit. So here’s how the testers add value to the developers:

Identifying defects and creating reports – Of all the duties of a tester, identifying defects and reporting during computer/mobile/console game functionality testing is the most significant. The Very detailed analysis is required to create an error report of high quality, thereby attaching definite value to the game.

Supporting developers – There is something called acceptance testing in software development through which testers can offer more clarity on the roles of developers and stakeholders. It’s this clarity of understanding that lets a developer know what he should do and shows the stakeholders what they want.

Sharing information – By sharing all information with the stakeholders, the tester puts the onus on them to add more value to the product.

Verifying fixes – Once the defects have been fixed, it comes back to the tester to verify the fixes. The more stringent the verification procedure, the greater is the value offered to the product.

Mandatory test fulfilment – Mandatory tests/certification are required at times before releasing a game. In such situations, the value presented by a tester is quite clearly evident.


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