Best suited for indie game studios having constraints on the budgets for running full game quality assurance activities OR small studio’s feeling the need to have a third party validation of their game AND all who would like to feel confident for launching the game into the market. Many are clueless about the first impression about their games. GameCloud understands the situation and has designed minimum required set of quality checks that will translate boosting the confidence of the indie or small game studios in launching the game.

Unique Value Proposition:

  • Specifically designed for indie and small games with minimum expected quality checking.
  • GameCloud uses its own matured quality check framework to cover minimum required quality checks for the game
  • Fixed pricing for limited single pass of game quality check based on single platform, gameplay size and genre.
  • Comprehensive and covers minimum required quality checks.
  • Standard and comprehensive Game Confidence Report.
  • Transparent operations – see through kitchen available on fixed SLA of 72 hours of turnaround time.
  • Offers enough confidence to the game development studio/publisher about launch of the game.
  • Very effective for quick assessment of Mobile, Tablet, Micro-console, PC or Web based casual games.

Packaged Benefits:

  • End-user is able grasp the game concept.
  • End-user is able to reach the end-game objectives in the targeted difficulty level.
  • Identification of critical as well major issues that may affect the interest of end-user.
  • Ensuring that game is engaging the end-user for adequate time.
  • Declaring the minimum required hardware configuration as well as recommended config in order to smoothly play the game.
  • Ensuring game robustness.

Content of the final report

  • Functional Issues
  • Compatibility Issues
  • UX Report
  • Recommended issue fixes before launch

What we expect from studio?

  • Game build that is in Alpha or Beta stage.
  • GDD / End-user manual to declare expected behavior of the game at every stage.
  • Single test build of single platform that has passed sanity test.
  • Cheats/In-Game Currency/Fully Unlocked End-user Account if coverage of entire gameplay/content/IAP is required by client.
  • Be aware of the fact that there are going to be no iterations/regressions in this pack.

What we test in Confidence Pack?

  • Playability of the game from the perspective of real gamer
  • Internal checklist execution
  • User Experience
  • Representative compatibility coverage on combination of devices and operating systems
  • Professional appreciation & recommendations in order to improve acceptability of game

Cost of Confidence Pack

Minor Game: Core Pass upto 20 hours | $399 USD

Major Game: Core Pass upto 40 hours | $699 USD


The “Confidence Pack” is a packaged service that cannot be customized. We have a fixed approach under this ‘packaged’ offering. It is about playing the game from end-user perspective in attempt to complete the gameplay objectives(start to finish) in a single exploratory round. Here we report every issue that occurred while reaching the final gameplay objectives.

The “Confidence Pack” does not involve QA iterations, regressions or multiple rounds with multiple test builds. But, our single single sweep from end-user perspective and our report of all the revealed issues and overall feedback points(which are collected through our journey towards reaching the end-game objectives, right from the beginning) are enough to give you confidence about release of your game. Of course, we expect you to fix the issues we have reported, in order to make the game better. In short, this pack will produce an end-user feedback as well as expert opinion(along with all technical issues, if revealed) for your game based on a single exploratory run.

Core Pass – It represents a list of quick-checks designed by GameCloud, specific to your gameplay objectives.

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