Right from a simple game of Super Mario to the high definition action game of Prince of Persia: Forgotten Sands; all genres of video games are fun and entertaining to play and are loved by everyone. But the actual fun is for the people who are designated to test the games before they are launched into the market. The people are called game testers, and their job is not merely to play the game but to make sure that the game is free from all sorts of “bugs” and “glitches” so that people like us can enjoy a bug-free gaming experience. Game Testing is a part of video games development. Game software when created may have a few defects which are to be detected and corrected before the game is launched for the customers. A game tester works on checking the errors and reports to the development for the corrections.

As a game testing organisation, GameCloud is the place where talent and capability are recognised and awarded as well. Here, our objective is to employ the best of the people who would be eligible for being a part of our organisation. Here we don’t only have game testers but also Game QA whose job role is less technical in comparison to the general software QA. Game testing is a full time job for the experienced testers; but still, many employees are hired or outsourced on a temporary basis, for example, beta testers. There are scenarios where the testers hired can be sent to work from the side of the developer’s end. The season or time for the recruitment of game testers are in the late summer or early autumn.

The job of Video Game Testing requires an individual to possess a complete 4 years degree in computer science along with a considerable knowledge and experience in automation. The resumes of the post of a QA tends to require the knowledge and experience in the fields of marketing, management and production. As for the people applying for the post of testers, they need to showcase their skills in programming, art and design.

The art of Beta testing comes after alpha testing and can be considered a form of external user acceptance testing. The software is released to groups of people so that further testing can ensure the product has few faults or bugs. So if you want to build a career as a game tester or QA, visit our website for further information.


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