Online casino games represent a multi-billion dollar industry which has seen its ups and downs over the years. The more recent times, however, has seen as a consistent surge in the number of online casino players throughout the world. Obviously, trust and fair play have been the bedrock of this industry and will be an essential component in the times to come.

The surging popularity highlights the growing need for every casino game or slot game to go through well-devised and rigorous testing stages before it is launched among users/players.

Steps In A Casino/Slot Game Test

A comprehensive casino game testing begins as soon as a game is designed/developed. The game has to go through a rigorous alpha testing phase where it is tested through simulation of millions of slot spins.

The step following next involves collation and analysis of each result and efforts to skim the output about the expected pay-out percentage of each slot. Reaching the next stage of testing, the game involves a third party check. It’s only after multiple checks that the 100% even-handedness of the slot game is ensured.

In many cases, it’s only once the game developers/publishers are done with testing the title at their end that the services of a certified (and importantly experienced) testing facilities – to double-check everything and further ensure that nothing has been missed – is subscribed to.

Testing ‘Times’ In The Wake Of Social Sites And Smartphones

Nowadays, when online social networking and use of smartphones have been experiencing unprecedented growth, it has become a necessity for game makers to opt for refined solutions when it comes to slot game testing. Thanks to the amalgamation of Facebook and mobile platforms in online gaming, the casino industry has seen a $2.7 billion growth worldwide.

It Is A Great Sign For The Industry But It Also Brings A Lot Of Challenges On The Forefront.

With the introduction of smartphones and tablet devices in online gaming, publishers have been opting for a planned and through auditing techniques where, to plug all the loopholes, third-party testing services (even at times, involving real-time users). In this case, after a title goes through various testing phases the complete set of (casino/slot game) performance logs are provided to another company – the third-party, i.e. The professional testing team then tests the game title’s compatibility across various platforms inclusive of Facebook, mobiles phones and tablets.

Be Cautious – Despite All The Good Efforts Laid In…

Though all the necessary steps are taken care of in a regular testing phase, random crashes may still occur during crucial spins. But even if the title publishers can never rule out technical glitches, but users may stay assured of the fact that popular online casino games are licensed and come under the parameters of licensing jurisdiction. For publishers, intense testing can ensure a reduction in the incidents of random crashes and ‘score update’-related issues.

To maintain the utmost trust and fairness among users, it is imperative for the companies to remain abreast to upgraded methods of testing, which is essential for the growth and sustenance of this industry in general.

And yes, it is important for users to choose and trade their money on certified casino sites to stay out of harm’s way!


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