After designing a successful game for the players, have you ever wondered if they are experiencing the same thrill and fun what you have intended them to endure while playing?

Only real gamers will be able to understand the game you have created for them, and it can be analyzed merely through playtests. The analysis of play tests shows what the gamers experience while playing the game.

How does one conclude the best time for testing?

It is recommended that there should be two play tests on alpha and beta versions, at least one test after beta version is required. However, one must always keep in mind that testing is done at the correct time. It is neither too early to kill the game nor it is too late such that nothing can be done.

These playtest will help in noting the introductory reactions regarding the game. They will help in analyzing if the gamers like or dislike the game and how interactive they find it. After knowing the initial reaction one can even understand how to manipulate and change the game in order to attract more gamers. Also it gives an idea of engaging the players to the experience with best use of controls, enhanced user interface, interaction, expectation and emotions.

The Rules to remember while Testing Games:

  1. You should know what you want to ask the players and have a clear idea regarding what you want from testing
  2. Conduct a casual play test early
  3. Remember for the tests-
  • No family, partner or pets allowed;
  • Always select the players for that will give the honest comments
  • Target group players

These play tests will help you to understand and conclude what and how your players experience and feel about the game designed by you. This will help you to reach a wider audience through their word of help. Always remember the importance of these tests, and that there are many ways in which the field of ‘games user research’ can be applied long before code is written, including competitive evaluation and best practice research. These play testing can also be used on wireframes and paper prototypes. One must not forget that the play tests are just the beginning for most of the games especially if one is waiting until the alpha/beta results are displayed, the testing on core mechanics is done and interactions are being checked.

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Laxmikant B. Thipse
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