Software And Game Testing: The Latent But Burgeoning Market

A few years ago, it was just considered an offshoot aspect related to the overall development process of software – may that be a mobile app, web/desktop software or a game title. But now, bug testing has emerged as one of the essential requisites behind the well-being of the software/game development industry as a whole.

It is important for software development firms and customers to get a clear-cut idea about the overall cost involved in testing, to understand its true value and implications. In fact, the team entrusted with the development project should acquire detailed information related to the objectives behind the development endeavour before initiation and set testing paths so that all the major bugs can be fixed at the beginning of the development process and avoid big blunders later on.

Any sort of delay in that endeavour would mean that the clients will have to bear the brunt of the losses that would be incurred regarding extra time and money required in fixing the bugs. Apparently, it also hurts the software developers badly because a bug realised after a commercial release earns a bad reputation for them – which may force their clients to look out for more organised development firms equipped with better testing facilities and road maps to tread.

Startling Stats:

Though many in software industry don’t care much, there are alarming facts related to bug testing and fixing. The story can be termed grim because, in the end, it is affecting the end users. According to a new federal study conducted by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Software bugs have been costing the U.S. economy an estimated $59.5 billion each year.

Need To Follow The Process:

Obviously, it does not make any sense if you have to spend more time in finding and fixing the bugs rather than in the core development of the software. Yes, it can be done by involving testing from the very start of the development. This would automatically reduce the number of bugs at the completion of the project. Software firms need to have a separate and dedicated test environment and invest more in resources that can ensure the best in game testing services.

Other Important Factors:

Two of the most important reasons behind the surge in the incidences of bugs are – one, increasing the complexity of the game titles and two, the apparent disinterest of software or game development firms in rendering adequate focus onto their target audience.

A publisher will only deal in hypothesis, at best, and should not be assured of the desired results, if the software/app or the game is not tested among users (the target audience) – or with respect to the environment (read console/device or the OS), where it will be used. It is also important to have an independent test methodology in place so that applications can be tested through different mediums comprising of browsers, devices and operating systems.

Game publishers need to hire expert testers who can test software and app based upon functionality, performance and security and ensure the success of a game title.


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