SteamOS: The Next Big Gaming Legend?

Gaming is the next big thing. From Nintendo to PS4 and now to Steam, a lot has changed over time. With each passing invention, the aim is to bring a more lifelike and real quality to the games. Gamers love a console which can give them freedom as well as the thrill of playing in some of the world’s best kind of environments.

Recently, there has been a lot of talk about SteamOS. So, what exactly is this? Well, it is said to be the next generation operating system. It is a Debian Linux kernel-based operating system which is being developed by Valve Corporation. It is designed to be the primary operating system for the Steam Machine game consoles. The operating system has hundreds and thousands of games and has, even more, number of users. So, you will not only be spoilt for the choice when it comes to choosing the game, but you will also have the option to select just the kind of user you want to duel with.

Right now, Valve Corporation is working on bringing Steam to the living room. It has also been concluded that the environment best suited for adding value to customers is by having an operating system that is built around Steam itself. SteamOS will thus combine the rugged architecture of Linux and bring in an amazing gaming experience which is built just for the big screen. It will be made available as soon as a free and stand-alone operating system is created for televisions.

Steam Machine was previously known as the Steam Box. But now, with the changes that would be brought forward, it becomes essential that the new to be used in big screen machines operating system gets a new name. Many critics are saying that this Valve tactic is to drive gamers away from the Windows. For starters, many promoters also believe that one point which would deter the users from buying the Steam Machine is the fact that this will be available at a steep price tag of $1,000. Most users would settle down for a $400 PS4 or a $500 Xbox.

But a significant advantage that the Steam Machine has is that it does not have a particular configuration of hardware. It will only need a minimum specification of computer hardware components. Valve is also planning to have several different retail versions of the Steam Machine from various hardware manufacturers. This, in turn, will allow users to create their units from components and modify retail products with off-the-shelf parts as desired.

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