Developing a game product is nothing short of a tightrope walk as the developer’s balance between a complex application software vis-à-vis the high expectations of the end-users. There is an unsaid anticipation of a certain degree of fun and excitement to come out of the game. However, the application software may come with its own share of limitations/ complications, leaving the end product to be prone to bugs, defects and design issues. The game development studios are well aware of the challenges before them and endeavour to develop error-free games that look, feel and work great as well. In the scheme of things, the game testing services present themselves as facilitators for the game development studios to achieve error-free, robust and entertaining interactive application software by conducting game functionality testing at their behest.

Functionality testing of a game means identifying any bugs/defects/errors in a game that may adversely affect its end-user experience. The game testers look out for any performance issues, including crashes, freezes and progression blockages while testing the interactive applications. The testers look for gameplay issues, graphic issues and audio-visual problems in the entire map of the game. They test all areas for any event that does not trigger on or gets incorrectly triggered on. They search for issues in the controls of the game. They watch out for any graphical corruptions in the interface like missing graphics, missing colours, issues with location or issues with animation & clippings. Testers also keep track of any textual or audio issues across the game like inconsistencies, incorrect instructions or conflict with the mood and style of the game. The testers make the list of all the inconsistencies/defects/bugs and report them to the developers. The developers then fix the issues reported and send the interactive application back to the game testing service provider for re-testing. This relationship eventually results in the launch of error-free and fail-safe game products in the market, in the benefit of the game development studio, game testing service provider and game as a product.


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