Playing computer games have long been the favourite pastime for people, both young and old! In India, the evolution of the smartphones, tablets and introduction of efficient gaming consoles has led to a wake of popularity for a wide range of games. Gaming is no more just the preserve of the domain of PCs and stand-alone consoles. Today, video consoles are equally popular among many who like to enjoy playing their favourite sports from the comfort of their home. To capture the lion’s share of the Indian online interactive entertainment application market, what the companies need to do is produce more compelling game titles. It must run flawlessly on the device they are targeted for – a computer, laptop, console, mobile phone, the tablet may be – and should be free from any bugs or technical glitches.

The Indian gaming industry is no different than the world as a whole. Hence the need for quality that seamlessly runs on the devices they are intended for is of paramount importance.

Game Testing Company: The Saviour In Sight

What’s common among all the professional game testing companies – no matter which part of the globe they must represent – is that they will examine a game title to test the functionality, software and hardware compatibility, user experience. It is the responsibility of a tester to identify any congenital defects to ensure that the interactive application runs as per its promise.

What development companies in India and elsewhere need to do, if they are not doing already, is to hire an experienced game functionality testing company to ensure compatibility of their product before it hits the market.

By taking the help of a skilled tester, you can reduce your production costs to a considerable extent and yet save yourself from garnering the wrath of irate customers and dissatisfied users who have a tendency to go onto badmouthing about the application and harming the reputation of the game developer on social media channels.

Game Testing: Outsourcing And Beyond

Many companies from India, these days, are also extending their testing services to international development companies. Apart from rendering quality testing in India, the experienced team of testers offer services overseas in a collaborative, secure and mutually beneficial environment as well as a channel of communication.

A top-notch testing company takes into account the three most important things which are; the need to offer the highest quality of technical assistance, transparent communication and quick response to a client. Every game is thoroughly analysed to understand the product’s basic and advanced features. A good company would also be available for customised testing services.

Importance Of Hiring A Good Testing Company

If you are a developer and despite the generic problems and solutions detailed above have rung a bell, here’s a further low-down why it’s time you should come to terms with the needs of hiring a good company, better if Indian talent for the obvious price margin, of repute. The online market has evolved as one of the most important segments of the global gaming market. The leading firms in India come with requisite experience/exposure in fulfilling the demands of various kinds of game titles and better, the evolving gadgets like much acclaimed Oculus Rift and other such consoles and newer inventions that support virtual reality gaming.

The best of testers are not just highly knowledgeable but are also the ones who continuously keep them trained to be well aware of the latest testing tools and methodologies. And of course, the recent technologies employed in developing a game. Good firms give their testers exposure to all kinds of testing tools to ensure timely, efficient services at a competitive remuneration.

A highly professional company offers system testing, sanity testing, and acceptance testing on a standard PC/laptop, mobile phone or console environment.


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