Game Testing Services

GameCloud Technologies Private Limited, which has been in the business of game testing since 2011, is ranked among the best game testing companies in India. The team is highly experienced in supporting many games covering different genres right from pre-alpha stage to beta to general release. We continue to support game testing even after the public release for patches and maintenance. We further help games with dev testing and forum support.

Our Game Testing Lab is accessible 24×7 to test multi-platform games on the real devices, be it PC, Console or Mobile/Tablet.

GameCloud Technologies constantly looks out for the issues that can possibly crash or break the game. We as a team might want to break it before the clients do. We have a team that is highly focused on core competence of game testing i.e. Functional, Compliance and Compatibility. The team is further knowledgeable in different aspects of testing like smoke testing, ad hoc testing, performance testing, beta testing and so on.

Game Testing Services we provide at GameCloud Technologies are-

Full Functionality Testing

Functionality testing is our passion and something we’ve been devoted to for many years. We not only love the games but also testing them. The majority of our game testers are thoroughly interviewed, trained, and work inside at our office unless you’d like to have them at your place. At any time when you require a test plan, we’re there. Get in touch and see how we can help!

Multi-Platform & Console Compliance

We have expertise on multi-platform game testing. Regardless of the game developed for PS3, PSN, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PC, Browser, Facebook, iOS, Android or Windows, we’ve got you covered. Further, we can help your product in it’s journey to be compliant.

Usability Testing

Game usability testing is a specific type of usability testing, different from that software usability testing approach. It demands a very tight focus on identifying audience segments and providing a realistic context of use. We at GameCloud Technologies test games rigorously at an extent to which the game can be used by specific users to achieve specified goals in a specified context of use with effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction.

Mobile Compatibility

We realize that smartphones can be an intimidating market. There are simply so many smartphones/tablets out there! Not to worry, we have solution. We’ve a team that is specifically trained for iOS, Android, and Windows Phones. We can guarantee your game is compatible and functional in this competitive market.

Performance Testing

GameCloud’s solution around Game Performance testing services are conveyed to validate the quality attribute of the game in terms of speed, scalability, reliability and interoperability. In today’s competitive environment, customer’s expectations demand faster and error-free performance. We at GameCloud Technologies strives to do performance testing that would not only rigorously test your game but also provides valuable feedback from pro-gamers.

Exploratory Game Testing

Besides focusing on major game testing strategies, GameCloud believes in exploratory testing. While targeting specific areas is essential in a game testing process, progressing naturally in the game with no particular focal point in an attempt to reveal problem areas has its own significance. We have pro-gamers who can finish a game right from scratch covering each stage and character in the game. We will be happy to explore your creativity and provide you feedback/suggestion.

Gameplay Consultancy

After years of working with the best games in industry, we have an entire pile of knowledge and experience to share. We want to help make better gameplay experience with our clients thus provide this extraordinarily specific service. We chat to comprehend your requirements for the project, the reasoning behind plan, and we advise on the success of the execution through detailed documentation and friendly conversation.

Bug Management

Bug databases are invaluably awesome when tracking the life of a bug, and we are extremely glad to manage them with the attention they deserved. We’ll be glad to keep the database relevant and updated amid and after game test execution. Bug tickets are documented, fixes are checked and updated, resolved and dusted bugs are closed.