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  • Usability Testing- Player’s experience
  • Functionality Testing- Basic black box
  • Compatibility Testing- Platform coverage
  • Configuration Testing- Hardware compatibility
  • Performance Testing- Ensure smoothness
  • Smoke Testing- Obvious functions
  • Balance Testing- Fair gameplay
  • Beta Testing- Public version testing
  • Ad Hoc Testing- Exploratory testing
  • Soak Testing- Long sessions, memory leaks
  • Multiplayer Testing- LAN/Internet connectivity


  • Windows- Desktop, Tablet, Mobile
  • iOS- iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, Air, iPod
  • Android- Phone, Tablet, Console
  • Amazon- Kindle Fire, Fire TV, Fire Phone
  • Smart- TV- Android Stick, Smart TV Box
  • Linux- All distributions/Versions
  • OSX- Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks
  • SteamOS- Assembled PC/Steam Box
  • Virtual Reality Systems- Oculus Rift
  • Web- Flash, HTML5
  • Kinect- For Windows Apps & Games


  • Virtual Assistants
  • Game Masters for MMO Games
  • Tech Support for Online Games
  • Email Support
  • Customer Ticket Management
  • Voice/Text Chat Support
  • Forum Support
  • In-Game Event Management
  • Monitoring End-user issues
  • IAP Query Support
  • Game Server Monitoring

It can be difficult to find testers who are actually doing their job right these days, because there’s just so many. And the worst part is, the ones who actually do their job are overly expensive.

So what can you do in this situation? Well, you can contact us, GameCloud.
GameCloud is a fast growing video games testing company from Pune, offering unique Game Validation solutions at various phases of Game Development Lifecycle. With our unique 360 degree feedback on video game, we ensure that your games run smoothly at every stage. We make certain that the players enjoy a great gaming experience, and that they can’t wait for your next release because they’re sure it will be bug-free, error-free, and run smoothly on their platform of choice.We are an ISO 9001:2008 organization certified by TUV Austria with QMS implemented exclusively for QA Testing of Video Games. Everything we do is done in secure facility with implementation of security standards as per ISO 27001:2013. We urge our clients to check our IT Infrastructure and Network security audit report for ensuring that their data is safe with us. Our employees are very talented and highly motivated gaming professionals, engineers, certified software testers and managers who don’t mind spending long hours doing what they love most, testing games and making certain they work as intended.

We are especially proud of the fact that we’re up-to-date with the latest technologies, so we cover not just Windows and Mac games, but all the gaming platforms of the next generation, including, but not limited to, all mobile platforms(iOS/Android/Amazon/Firefox OS), Android consoles, Virtual Reality systems like Oculus Rift, Motion Sensing technologies like Kinect, even Linux, SteamOS based games. We also cover casual games on online portals based on Flash/HTML5, like Facebook games and Chrome webstore games. Our teams of professional gamers are also invited regularly by reputed gaming organizations from all over the world for playtesting or beta testing of games on various console platforms such as Microsoft XBox 360, Microsoft XBox One, Sony PlayStation 3, Sony PlayStation 4, PSP, Nintendo 2DS, 3DS, Wii and Wii U.

Launching open beta versions of your games and apps is a good idea but you always need to remain prepared for negative feedback from the end-users and potential customers who test your application just because it’s free to try. Due to the same reason, it is always ideal for the mobile game developers to get their products tested from professional QA teams of GameCloud even before inviting fresh end-users for free game testing and recording their feedback.

In addition to testing games on various platforms, we test all kind of gaming hardware, peripherals, accessories, controllers and joysticks. We have tested new gaming technologies and console prototypes for a successful launch in market.

We offer you all that, and we offer it for competitive prices without compromising anything. In fact, we attempt to maintain quality of every deliverable at highest level with help of regular feedback from client on weekly and monthly basis.

Look at our Services page to find out more, or mail us on Info@GameCloud-Ltd.com !

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