Core Services

Services for Games & Interactive Entertainment Applications


We offer Game QA Testing services on all OS platforms including iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, OS X and even the emerging platforms such as AR & VR. We have tested some Video Games (Casual Games, Online Games, Facebook Games, Massively Multiplayer Online Games and various genres) for a successful and bug-free market release on different hardware/system combinations. Our Game QA Testing service has an average of 97.5% Customer Satisfaction Index which is verified by the external auditors of TUV (Austria). We are proud to have happy and returning clients across the globe.


If you are worried about covering QA testing of all aspects of your FPS game, MMOPRG, even casual game or any other genre with too many input possibilities and map discovery methods, just let us know! Our game QA service is more than just following traditional methodologies of software testing. Regardless of the size of the game’s virtual world, while testing small games to AAA games, based on client’s requirement, we also take care of issues related to clipping, overlaps, collision triggers, game progress saves/loads and ensuring the proper end of the bound. If you want us to focus on something specific, just tell us about the area to be covered in your requirement, and we will take care of the rest.


Game Testing Services: Bug Sweeping, Verification, Reporting


With a strong management team and the expertise of professional gamers, GAMECLOUD has been providing quality services to the video and computer games industry since 2011. GAMECLOUD team understands the dynamic and fast-paced nature of game development and focuses on reducing the production budget, including video game testing and team size by providing the expertise of highly trained professionals at a substantially lower cost.

GAMECLOUD provides its partners and clients with a low cost, quickly scalable alternative to their in-house testing teams. GAMECLOUD can effectively help you concentrate on development while the dedicated team works on all the Game QA and Game Testing aspects of the game production process.


Value Added Services


Our Value Added Services (VAS) is a culmination of our knowledge and experience collected through years of gaming and game validation of 1000+ games so far and hence; we understand that the studios require more than Quality Assurance and testing for making successful games. Our VAS offerings are discrete in nature and focused more on direct support in the areas of Compatibility, Compliance and post-launch activities. Our teams are having excellent experience of mobile game QA testing, using which we have developed extensive checklist system of “Core Pass” & “Full Pass”. These checks are prepared separately for each game tested, adding significant value to our services. Our idea of Game Quality Assurance is including but not limited to tests mentioned below.


Compatibility Testing

The compatibility testing at GameCloud covers all kind of gaming hardware and platforms in various combinations of brands, flagships, processors, motherboards, video cards, sound cards, CD/DVD ROMs and input devices. In addition to all kind of PC, mobile and tablet platforms, GameCloud covers all emerging and next generation gaming technologies including AR & VR

Compliance Testing

For ensuring that your game complies with the standards and guidelines of major first party developers like Apple, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo.

Usability Testing

1. User viewpoint testing
2. User documentation testing
3. End-user interface testing

Localization Testing

If the game supports more than one language, then thorough tests are conducted in all supported languages to ensure that the game can be played through. GAMECLOUD has language experts to assist testers in understanding the language if it’s not English for familiarisation. The process involves translation and verification of text and voice, local naming conventions and testing of user documentation.

Performance Testing

Ensure that your games are performing smoothly and with good FPS while using all the resources such as CPU, GPU, memory and network traffic, power consumption and so on. We provide our clients with the comprehensive reports on the performance of the game on every tested hardware/system/platform.

Functional Testing

Ensure that your game is robust enough and capable of handling all kind of input scenarios and interrupts. Our precise execution of internal checks and as well aligned to SRS and also ensures that each feature is working exactly as intended.

Post Launch Services

  1. Discovering Improvement Scope
  2. Post-update QA sweeps for stability
  3. Tech Support / Ticket Management
  4. GM’s & Game Jockey’s for Trend Building
  5. Game Quality Audits

Item Testing

  1. Testing of In App Purchases
  2. Testing of Virtual Items
  3. Testing of Currency Packs


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