Strategic Engagement

Strategic engagement is suitable for game studios and publishers of all sizes who look for adaptability from QA agencies and 3rd party testers. We make the QA budgeting easy for all of our clients with engagement models supported by incredible options like “Pay As You Go” and “Zero Down Payment”. The coverage under diplomatic engagement is usually focused on the total quality assurance spread over different phases of game production. This engagement type supports multiple games of a single client, even for the clients having own in-house QA setup (complete or partial).


Our strategic engagements are also focused on reducing the overall cost of quality with increased effectiveness. Various engagement models below are also of great help to clients having their own quality assurance framework and strategies in place. To augment their strategies and teams with the expertise of GameCloud, we are happy to offer mid to long term strategic partnerships which are open & flexible in nature. Based on the need and strategic objectives of the said game studio, GameCloud team is more than happy to offer standard or customised strategic engagement model with variation in duration and volume of work.


a) Assignment


A large number of game development studios across the globe are super small indies. They are usually with low or almost no budget for any QA activity. Such indies lack necessary hardware and infrastructure for QA and are without a specialised team.


At GameCloud we are always passionate about helping folks in gaming who are capable of becoming the next big entertainer and our strategic customer as a byproduct. Hence we have decided to introduce hourly services for indie studios with small assignments, wherein the QA engagement can be as short as five person-hours! It maybe anything around quick Exploratory Test run or execution of ready Test Plan. In fact, we maintain a separate team for handling such random and small tasks.


b) Project


This is primarily the outsourcing model for a game where the responsibility of day to day management of agreed scope of deliverables and quality assurance framework, lies with the GameCloud and predefined frequency of reporting, project progress reviews and collaboration framework.


Depending on the need, the game studio can wholly or partly outsource the set of quality objectives or quality assurance activities to GameCloud and leverage our experience and knowledge about game quality to optimise the cost of quality, and it’s effectiveness.


The studio had the flexibility to choose from time & material and fixed cost commercial models based on the clarity of the scope of deliverables and associated requirements at the beginning of the project.


c) Captive Team


Best suited to the game studios that intend to insource or augment their quality assurance teams for large size game or multiple games and achieve any of the following objectives:


  1. Reduce cost of quality.
  2. Augment distributed quality assurance teams to cover/support different time zones.
  3. Augment teams of Ad-Hoc gamers to get continuous feedback on ongoing and overlapping game production processes.
  4. Augment the flavour of regional aspects (localization) across the globe.
  5. Improve the in-house ability to ramp up/down the quality assurance teams to reduce overall budget on QA.
  6. Balancing between the on-site and off-shore teams.


Here, game studio has full control on the self-contained work plan and SOP’s for dedicated team and individuals along with the availability of required hardware & software infrastructure. GameCloud is responsible for the availability of the resources required skills, competencies, secured infrastructure for QA facility, and required hardware/systems.


The cost to the development studio is worked out on monthly resource costs, infrastructure costs and hardware usage based on the agreed and contracted commercials.


d) Validation Partner


Best suited for the small to medium studios who would want to leverage the ready experience, knowledge, quality assurance framework, hardware and state of the art QA Lab infrastructure of GameCloud for a long term. This engagement/relationship is based on the TRUE PARTNER basis wherein GameCloud will equally share the responsibilities and budgets of Game Quality Assurance along with the in-house game validation & quality assurance team.


GameCloud is committed to invest and nourish such partnership for the mutual benefits on long term basis. Costing, pricing and collaborative models are flexible and can be arrived at after discussing the specific needs, strategies and goals to be achieved by the development studio on the horizon of a minimum of 2 years.




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