About Us

Journey of a Gamer


Being a gamer since early childhood and industry professional since college days, Laxmikant decided to give a formal face and shape to his relentless passion, experience, and knowledge about video games. In the year 2011, he founded GameCloud with the aim to aid the efforts of game development studios and publishers of all sizes globally. Since then he has been building a team of certified QA professionals who are hardcore gamers at heart with the eye of critic having constructive thoughts for the benefit of the games and monetization.


GameCloud team strongly believes that video game is the collaborative art form that induces living experience to the gamers. A critical need in the human life is to train the brain on emotions, anxiety, competitive and strategic thinking. And hence we strive to:


* Elevate the status of the games not as mere entertainment but as an ART for appreciation and experience.

* Nourishing the community of game lovers.

* Building community of critics and contributors.

* Reference knowledge base of games & their making.


Years of formal interactions plus hands-on experience of playing and testing over 1000 games on all platforms created by indie studios as well as some of the industry giants who helped us gain insight into the evolution of game development process. To align our vast knowledge and experience gathered so far with the pace of maturity of the game development process and further to benefit the game development studios & publishers of all sizes globally, we decided to go beyond pure Game Quality Checks & Quality Assurance and map the entire Video Game Lifecycle right from conception till the last day in market. We call it Game Validation.


With the booty of 100+ happy customers and strategic partnerships with few of the global gaming giants, GameCloud has evolved its own thought leadership in contributing to the success of game studios globally. The team continuously strives to ADD VALUE at every stage of the video game lifecycle, ensuring risk mitigation and success with reduced cost of quality to our customers. Our management team believes in the principal “our customer’s business gain is our business” and hence we ensure our customer’s success through:


# Integrity
# Focus
# Speed
# Flexibility
# Reliability
# Continuous Investments


We are proud to have an inventory that covers about 80% of most popular devices across the globe, thus covering the risk of compatibility for our clients. Our state of the art secured Game Validation facility at Pune (India) ensures excellent gaming environment to the creative minds of our team of casual gamers, hardcore gamers and qualified QA testers. This results in the best productivity providing a lower effective cost to our clients as compared to having in-house QA teams.


The developed holistic approach of GameCloud helps studios with concerning areas in the games of various genres. Our future lies in packaged Game Validation services, and extensive compatibility testing on various emerging platforms designed to benefit and map all kinds of customer needs, be it an indie developer with the lowest budget or some large studio looking for a strategic partner for Game QC/QA/complete Game Validation. Our innovative engagement models enable our customers to choose from the best & effective engagement model that meets the Game Validation budgets, thus giving top & bottom line for the game title.


For complete transparency and visibility into the offshore work at GameCloud, excellent collaboration between customer teams and to provide best in class service, GameCloud is in the process of planning to deliver all the game validation services through GameCloud collaboration portal. The same portal will help GameCloud in building the community of gamers, game critics, contributors, Games reference library and contribute collaboratively into the future of game development studios, publishers and the gaming industry as a whole.


Laxmikant B. Thipse

CEO & Co-Founder

Gamer since 1987, professionally active into ITES and Video Games industry since the year 1999. Member of Gaming & Animation Committee of MCCIA, India. High premium on providing Validation & QA testing services exclusively to gaming companies, covering almost every platform of the next generation. The primary role of Laxmikant includes analysing requirement of the client, defining the process and ensuring delivery completion. Planned, implemented and maintained a Quality Management System (ISO 9001:2008 – certified by TUV Austria) for GameCloud.