Game Validation that goes beyond conventional Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Checking (QC). Let’s see how and why it is critical for the video game industry.

Unlike the software applications industry which generally takes time in settling the application in the market to project on the business predictability, Video Games industry has a very shroud market and it is instant. When you launch any game, for almost 80% of the games understand their fate within a week’s time. Apart from smooth functioning of the game, gamers have their preferences and if the game does not stand on those parameters, there is good chance that the game may not do a great business regardless of it’s quality. Key factors expected by casual as well as hardcore gamers include(but not limited to):

    1. Uniqueness of the game concept.
    2. Smooth game mechanics.
    3. Consistent and achievable skills & mental challenges.
    4. UX factor.
    5. Right video & sound effects.
    6. Meaningful & affordable IAPs. Balance between spending versus aspirations / achievement.
    7. Ability to complete the game / levels.
    8. Interesting AI.
    9. Ability to create social aspect around the game.
    10. Consistency in subsequent versions / releases of the title.
    11. Availability of structured game support and game boosters in post launch.

And many more facets…

Real Success…

Based on the vast unparalleled experience in video games on all platforms & genres, GameCloud brings REAL SUCCESS resulting into having large number of followers and great monetization. Generally, in medium to large studios and publishing houses the processes are matured with huge budgets available for development of new titles. However, in case of Indie teams and small development studios, enthusiasm and emotions of the game development teams prevail over practical and critical aspects around the game. Hence, they carry the big risk of game failures.

So what GameCloud offers you in Game Validation …

Game Validation of GameCloud offers indie (team of up to 5 members), small (team of 5 to 30 members) and medium (team of 30 to 100 members) set of value added services purely focussing on the REAL SUCCESS OF THE GAME that is building large community of followers and effective monetization for the title.

Each phase of game lifecycle has significance and contribution in producing successful game. Generally game validation activities are handled by the studios or publishers. However, they are implicit in nature and heavily depend on the individuals and their judgements. Hence, they need 3rd party expertise in reviewing the right aspects in right phases to ensure clean game production process and it’s launch which is neutral and ads a huge value in success of the game.

Ensures right things at right times …

Like game quality, game validation services too are spanned across the video game lifecycle. For simplicity GameCloud looks at the end to end game lifecycle in two 4 major phases;GameCloud Phases 2

Value Proposition through Game Validation :

  • Provides early visibility with a scope for improvement from eye of the gamer.
  • Bridges the gap between game production team with that of the community of gamers around the game.
  • Mitigates risks in development costs, reduces cost of rework and helps in ensuring time to market.
  • Early visibility into the game’s business potential.
  • Right prioritization of investments in game production processes.
  • Improves the probability of social and commercial success of the game.

Interested in knowing more about exact process and validation services? Drop a mail to along ith your current requirements/challenges and we’ll respond briefly.