Game Assurance

Best suitable for small to medium game studios having sufficient budget for complete quality assurance for a game. With the game development period of 3 calendar months, involving game development effort between 6 to 18 person months. This packaged service is specifically designed to cover quality assurance activities through 4 iterations, planned throughout the game pre-development, development and pre-launch phases. To enhance the effectiveness of this packaged service, each iteration covers regression plus an additional set of quality objectives based on the maturity of the game production at the time of iteration. While designing the said 4 iterations, GameCloud has used and packaged its vast experience of QA services gained so far, to benefit the games falling in B and A categories.


Value Proposition


  • GameCloud’s Video Games Quality Assurance expertise is packaged to benefit from small to medium sized studios.
  • Fixed, focused and stepped iterations drastically reduces time to market and the cost of quality.
  • Mitigates the risk of rejection in the very first use by the market.
  • Covers all kinds of QA & QC activities required to ensure an essential quality of the game.
  • Covers minimum required checks of Compliance to publish the game in online public stores.
  • Covers minimum required compatibility testing on entry, mid and high-level test devices to arrive at a minimum and recommended hardware/system configurations for best performance.




  • Fixed Cost of Quality by restricting your QA budget to 15% of the game development cost.
  • Fixed turnaround time per iteration is enabling effective forward and backwards planning for the game development phase.
  • Availability of blended competency of Quality Assurance in fixed cost.
  • Continuity through the Game Assurance Report after each iteration.
  • Clear decision making about the readiness of the game for launch through.


Game Assurance Coverage


  • Core pass execution of matured checklists related to gameplay objectives.
  • Full pass testing using matured checklists of GameCloud related to functionality and robustness.
  • Covers all phases of development, alpha and beta testing of the game.
  • Consistent functioning of the game considering various scenarios and interruptions throughout the game.
  • Social media integration testing.
  • Validation of end user’s progression and scoring.
  • Testing IAP comfort zone of end-users / gamers.
  • Compatibility testing on minimum representative coverage set of devices for the selected platform.
  • Basic common compliance testing.
  • Game quality reviews from experts, hard-core and casual gamers.


Game Assurance Iterations

What we expect from our client?


  • The size of Game Development: Minimum 6 person months to 8 person months.
  • GDD/Concept Note is ready.
  • The development plan is ready.
  • Single point of contact for coordination.
  • Availability of Game Producer for Activity Planning and Game Assurance Reviews.
  • Game build for the single preselected platform (iOS, Android, Windows).




Starts at $4449 USD plus cost of optional VAS (Value Added Services).
Note: Before committing the final fixed cost & turnaround time, GameCloud will analyse the size and complexity of the game. Any game has more than 8 months development effort and will be estimated by GameCloud to provide fixed cost before signing the contract.




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