Microsoft To Make Your Favorite Kinect Games Playable On Web Browser

Microsoft Kinect Games rely on motion sensing input and have been among the most popular genres in the Xbox platform. No wonder why today Kinect game testing is itself a bigger industry compared to the total of many other consoles-based games. With the overwhelming popularity of cloud computing, Microsoft is all set to bring these games to your browser. Microsoft was said to be moving slow on the cloud-based gaming front. That’s understandable given the overwhelming popularity of its Xbox platform.

The technology giant slowly realises the need to wake up at the dawn of a new era where people might move away from consoles or these wonderful gadgets might need to be a part of the cloud. A recent project showcased the company’s cloud-based gaming service that would introduce Kinect for Windows desktop environment.

Some experts also believe that Microsoft’s delay with the cloud-based service may not have been deliberate as it was working on offering a great experience to the users. We aren’t talking about Solitaire or Minesweeper but real Xbox-like experience on the browser.

Gamers would be able to enjoy Xbox One as the latest titles are being tested and would be made available when this service is launched. Microsoft insiders say that the team is working on offering the 60 fps feature just like the Xbox on the browser and this would be the next big revolution in the gaming industry. It would be a game changer for Microsoft as it would be able to remove the console from the equation when it comes to the serious gaming market.

For Kinect game developers and QA experts – and players, of course, there’s lot to hope for soon. And only the time will tell if Microsoft’s expectations will meet the reality.

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